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How Digital Bloom Eliminated Manual Ad Incident Mitigation

Eliminated manual ad incident mitigation.

Digital Bloom no longer has to manually alert its ad tech vendors every time they deliver an inappropriate ad. GeoEdge’s system automates the entire process.

Better partner relationships.

GeoEdge’s independent notification system helps Digital Bloom avoid frictions with its ad tech vendors.

Higher quality ads, increased revenue.

Having an automated process for identifying and blocking offensive ads has helped Digital Bloom deliver higher quality advertising to its publishers, increasing revenue.


Digital Bloom is an Italian company that helps publishers make the most of their advertising space. The company is the exclusive ad inventory manager for many of its publishing partners, delivering them advertiser demand and coordinating ad placement for optimal revenue. In other cases, Digital Bloom functions as a consultant, helping publishers implement new demand sources into their ad tech stacks and advising on best practices. In all instances, Digital Bloom prides itself on delivering the highest-quality ads to its partners. When Digital Bloom needed a quality partner to help filter out offensive and low-quality ads, it chose GeoEdge.
“It’s very useful for Digital Bloom to not have to prove that the offensive ad came from a specific demand partner. The automated ad incident notification comes from a neutral third party. It’s not something demand partners can ignore.”
Cristina Pianura
Managing Ad Tech Director, Digital Bloom

The problem

Digital Bloom faced an influx of offensive and unwanted ads and had inefficient system of alerting its demand partners of low-quality inventory. Whenever an offensive ad would make its way to Digital Bloom’s network, the SSP that supplied it would deny any wrongdoing. Digital Bloom would have to prove to the SSP they were the source of the ad, which required lots of extra time and communication.

The approach

Digital Bloom partners with several supply-side platforms as part of its demand-delivery services and does its best to monitor these SSPs for ad quality, but it’s impossible to track each individual ad. Inevitably, a spammy or inappropriate ad will make its way to Digital Bloom’s network. Prior to working with GeoEdge, Digital Bloom had to manually alert SSPs anytime there was an ad quality issue. And every time that happened, the SSP would immediately deny any responsibility and claim that the offensive must have come from another provider. Digital Bloom would then have to prove to trace the origin of the ad and prove to the SSP that it was indeed the source of the ad in question. The process was not only inefficient but was made worse by communication challenges causing frictions with partners. Few of Digital Bloom’s partners have offices in Italy, making it difficult to account for time zone differences, and the additional language differences made it tough to effectively identify, communicate and mitigate quality concerns.
“Whenever there’s a bad ad, the first reply from the SSP is always, ‘It’s not ours.’ Even when they are clearly the source. … It’s difficult because every time you have to prove to the SSP it came from them and convince them to put that domain on their blacklist.”
Cristina Pianura
Managing Ad Tech Director, Digital Bloom

The solution

By implementing GeoEdge’s Automated Demand Notifications (ADN) feature, Digital Bloom was able to more efficiently alert its SSP partners of any questionable ads and mitigate the relevant ad incidents. The ADN system also made it easier to communicate to partnering SSPs they were the source of the offensive. GeoEdge was a neutral third party so instead of Digital Bloom having to prove the SSPs were at fault, Digital Bloom could simply refer to GeoEdge’s independent ad verification and mitigation system.

The result

GeoEdge’s ADN feature has provided a huge boost to Digital Bloom’s product offerings and brand image. By implementing GeoEdge’s Automated Demand Notifications, Digital Bloom offers potential publisher clients peace of mind with an automated system for identifying and blocking low-quality inventory. This helps Digital Bloom attract more premium publishers and forge deeper relationships with its existing clients. The commitment to quality advertising also means Digital Bloom has access to more premium advertising inventory, boosting revenue. “This is very important because the ability to deliver quality ads is of the utmost importance to us,” says Digital Bloom’s COO Eva Elena Maria Peroncini. GeoEdge’s Automated Demand Notification also saves Digital Bloom lots of valuable time. The system is automated, so there are no more lengthy email exchanges across different time zones.

“We work hard to keep the quality high, and prior to partnering with GeoEdge there was always something that bypassed our safeguards.”

Eva Elena Maria Peroncini
COO, Digital Bloom


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