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GeoEdge's Auto-Redirect Solution Revives Revenue At Daily Voice

Stopped receiving auto-redirects

Increased its revenue

Improved its ad operations efficiency

In A Nutshell

In A Nutshell Daily Voice delivers up-to-the-minute news to local audiences, relying on local influencers to amplify its message and grow its subscriber base. When Daily Voice expanded its programmatic stack, its users began experiencing auto-redirects and other unwanted ads. Home-grown solutions, such as removing programmatic partners and implementing safe frames, led to losses in overall revenue for Daily Voice. After implementing GeoEdge’s real-time blocking solution for ad security, auto-redirects effectively disappeared from Daily Voice’s sites. After clearing up redirects from its sites, Daily Voice grew its overall revenue by adding all of its programmatic partners back to its ad stack and removing safe frames.
I would happily recommend GeoEdge. The team is highly responsive – a level of service we don’t get from most of our partners. Travis Hardman _daily voice Travis Hardman CEO, Daily Voice
Travis Hardman
CEO, Daily Voice


When news breaks, the first media outlet to go live with the story stands to gain a substantial share of the audience for that story. A news site that can consistently go live with the earliest comprehensive take on the story also stands to gain that audience’s loyalty over time. But disruptive and malicious ad experiences will drive users from a site, and can sink the loyalty that the site has built with its audience.

Daily Voice, a network of local news sites, takes pride in its reporters’ ability to break news, provide up-to-the-minute coverage, and tell stories in engaging ways. Using email and social channels, it aims to turn visitors into subscribers, and subscribers into advocates for its services. It also engages influencers to amplify their content. But a rash of auto-redirects came to challenge Daily Voice’s ability to retain users, which is essential to its business model.

By far, the biggest advantage of GeoEdge is the real-time blocking, which was a game-changer for us. Since installing real-time blocking, we haven’t had to go through the extra steps of tracking down redirects with our partners. The redirects are simply gone.
Travis Hardman
CEO, Daily Voice

The Problem

In order to optimize revenue, Daily Voice began expanding its programmatic stack. The new revenue was helpful to its business—but at the same time, Daily Voice saw auto-redirects and unwelcome pop-up ads coming through programmatic channels. The company approached its various demand partners, but policing ads delivered from all of these partners proved to be a strain on both time and resources.

Daily Voice initially experimented with solutions on its own. It tried removing demand partners from its stack, but that ended up reducing competition among its remaining partners, and in turn, reducing overall demand. It tried implementing safe frames, but it attributed a significant loss of revenue to using safe frames.

Meanwhile, influencers and other exceptionally loyal users were getting redirects themselves and were contacting Daily Voice to say they would stop following its sites if the company could not get the redirect problem under control. Influencers steadily brought new subscribers to Daily Voice, and so losing them would negatively impact its business at its core.

Our total revenue was considerably higher in the months when we were using GeoEdge than it was in the months where we were devoting internal resources to troubleshooting.
Travis Hardman
CEO, Daily Voice

The Solution

GeoEdge real-time blocking changes the game

Daily Voice had already been using GeoEdge tools to monitor potentially harmful or unwelcome ads across its sites. The company recognized that GeoEdge was able to monitor activity across all user devices, and to catch instances when bad actors in the ad ecosystem were targeting specific users with malvertising.

When Daily Voice began also using GeoEdge’s solutions for blocking threats in real time, auto-redirects effectively disappeared from its sites. This eliminated the task of reaching out to all of Daily Voice’s demand partners to detect the source of redirects and other unwanted ads.

Daily Voice found GeoEdge’s solutions to be highly cost-effective for a business of its size, and found GeoEdge’s customer service to be among the most responsive of any of its vendor partners.

Moving Forward

After implementing GeoEdge and removing the redirect problem, Daily Voice was able to add all of its existing programmatic partners back to its ad stack, and also stop using safe frames. As a result, Daily Voice’s total revenue grew compared to the months before it began using GeoEdge’s real-time blocking solution.

With Daily Voice’s Ad Ops team free from the burden of tracking down redirects across all of its programmatic partners, the company’s overall workflow efficiency improved, freeing up time for them to focus on growing revenue in new ways.


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