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About Us

GeoEdge is the premier provider of ad verification and transparency solutions for the online and mobile advertising ecosystem. The company ensures high ad quality and verifies that sites and apps offer a clean, safe, and engaging user experience.

GeoEdge guards against non-compliance, malware, inappropriate content, data leakage, operational, and performance issues.‎ Leading publishers, ad platforms, exchanges, and networks rely on GeoEdge’s automated ad verification solutions to ‎monitor and protect their ad inventory.

The company was founded in 2010 by a team with more than two decades of hands-on technical and online media experience.


We're young, we're bright and we are growing!
GeoEdge is looking to expand its family with new driven and industry experienced career-minded members. Join our winning team.

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Meet the Leadership

GeoEdge is helmed by industry veterans, innovators and security leaders with a track record for developing successful, cutting-edge technologies that disrupt markets.

They are passionate. They have the experience. They cultivate our strong culture and work tirelessly to inspire our team scale, grow, and succeed.

Amnon Siev
Leader. Innovator.
Edan Preker
Security Maven. Engineer. Indoorsman.
Jeff Glickman
International Sales Director
Money-Maker. Athlete.
Meirav Eliyahu
Finance Director
Rain Man. Extreme Sporter.
Moran Shoham
The Mentalist. Superwoman.
Hip-Hop Dancer.
Moshik Farfoory
Business Development Director
Connector. Charmer.
World Traveler.
Rotem Rave
VP Sales & PSG
Strategic Thinker. Detail Man. Runner.
Yehuda Sapir
Open-Source Freak. Agile Master. Family Man.
Tobias Silber
VP Marketing
Out-of-the-Box Thinker. Trailblazer. Foodie.