Your Security Partner for Ad Quality

Prevent Bad Ads From Damaging the User Experience

Prevent Bad Ads From Damaging Your User Experience

Malvertising Protection

Defend against malvertising injected through the creative or landing page


Block any ad for any reason. Define rules for automatic content filtering and account-specific policies.

Gain Transparency

View and programmatic creatives and tailor ad policies based on your audience’s preferences


Publishers around the world rely on us to stop malicious and low-quality ads from reaching their audience. We enable publishers to maximize their ad revenue without quality concerns, protect their brand reputation and increase their user loyalty.


We empower platforms to gain control of all ads served via their platform and prevent malicious or bad ads from reaching their publishers and supply partners. Allowing the platform to open up new revenue streams by protecting user experience.


Protect The Integrity Of Your Brand With GeoEdge

Since 2010, GeoEdge has been the trusted cyber security and ad quality partner for the digital advertising industry. GeoEdge has unparalleled knowledge and experience in user threats from our teams background inside the Israeli military intelligence divisions.

450+ Publishers & Platforms


What Our Clients Say About GeoEdge

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We keep hearing of publishers who are attacked by auto-redirects, but CompassTV remains safe with no user complaints. I can focus on my work without worrying about malware attacks.
Ms. Ayako Ito

Head of Programmatic  I  CompassTV

As a result of deploying GeoEdge’s real-time solution, Evolve Media saw a reduction in instances of malicious activity on its sites by 80%-90%.
Veronica Gilton

Chief Technology Officer  I  Evolve Media

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GeoEdge offers more than just technology. GeoEdge provides true partnership.

When you partner with us, you benefit not only from cutting-edge technology, but from insights drawn from leading publishers and platforms around the world. Together, we are all committed to the safety and security of our users, and to a thriving digital industry.


Define what bad ads look like for your business and test drive GeoEdge's real-time ad quality solution.