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Free Plan up to 20M monthly impressions

For publishers that need user security
& real-time blocking for a single site


$0.015 CPM

Up to 500M impressions / month

Starting Out?
For websites that want to protect their users against malicious activity

Get Core
  • User Security
  • Real Time Blocking
  • Advertiser Reputation BI
  • 24/6 Incident support center
  • Dedicated Success Manager

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User Experience

$0.02 CPM

Up to 500M impressions / month

For publishers that want to ensure good user experience and protect their user against both security and quality issues

Get User Experience
  • User Security
  • Real Time Blocking
  • Advertiser Reputation BI
  • Ad Quality Enforcement
  • Offensive Ads Protection
  • Adx Verification
  • 24/6 Incident support center
  • Dedicated Success Manager

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$0.025 CPM

Up to 500M impressions / month

For publishers that want the ultimate user protection for their audience and insight into their demand partners performance

Get Advanced
  • User Security
  • Real Time Blocking
  • Advertiser Reputation BI
  • Ad Quality Enforcement
  • Offensive Ads Protection
  • Adx Verification
  • Ad Latency Monitoring
  • Video Verification
  • Native Ads Protection
  • GDPR Audit
  • 24/6 Incident support center
  • Dedicated Success Manager

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Above 500M impressions / month

For publishers above 500M monthly impressions

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* All paid plans come with $800 minimum monthly commitment

* All prices are for US and Europe only.

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    • Core
    • User Experience
    • Advanced
    • Customized
    • Monthly protected impression
    • Up to 20m, single site
    • Up to 500m
    • Up to 500m
    • Up to 500m
    • Above 500m
  • Detect and block security incidents that put your users at risk. This includes a wide range of incidents, including auto-redirects, malware, phishing attempts, crypto-mining, back-button hijacking and many more malicious activities that threaten the safety and security of your visitors.

  • Real time blocking ensures that all bad ads are stopped before your users ever see them and are replaced with clean ones, so your revenue stream remains uninterrupted.

  • Our Advertiser Reputation BI report gives you full insight into each advertiser and the quality of ads they supply. It allows you to track trends and incidents, compare demand partners, and understand their security, quality and performance. It’s all the knowledge you need to make smart decision, so you can optimize and improve ROI while balancing quality.

  • Detect and block ads that interfere with a good user experience, such as In-Banner-Video, Pop Ups and Auto-played Sound.

  • Detect ads with offensive and adult content on both the creative level and campaign landing page. You get the ability to block such offensive ads.

  • Protect and verify the quality of ads coming from AdExchange. For any violations detected in AdExchange, you get a notification, so it can be mitigated at the source of the issue.

  • By monitoring each and every impression, we provide you with accurate information about ad latency at the advertiser level.

  • Verify ad quality and technical issues within the VAST/VPAID such as video ad latency, media file specs, auto-played sound and technical errors.

  • Detect security and quality violations within Taboola, Outbrain and RevContent Native Ads Widgets.

  • Provides full visibility into cookies that are dropped on your site, with option for black- and white-listing of cookies.

    • 24/6 Incident Support Center
    • Dedicated Success Manager
    • Security Specialist
    • Optional


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the free version really free?

Yes, GeoEdge is happy to provide a free version of its real-time blocking solution without any credit card information necessary. We feel passionately about the user experience and are dedicated to help clean up the ad:tech ecosystem. GeoEdge is proud to help smaller publishers or those with a limited budget.

Does GeoEdge solution protect header bidding?

Yes. GeoEdge JS Wrapper monitors header bidding and blocks impressions with security violations. Incident reports include information about the winning bidder and additional details for better understanding of the problem.

Are there any limitations in the Free version?

Our free service has many benefits, but there are a few limitations as well. The free package supports one site, has a maximum of 20MM monthly impressions, and covers security issues only. If you would like to enjoy additional features, you can upgrade to one of our paid packages at any time.

What criteria do I need to meet in order to use the free version?

Users who qualify for the free version are publishers working with DFP.

Can I Monitor only Mobile ad units and exclude Desktop ad units?

Yes. It’s possible to apply the creative wrapper to specific ad units, so only those which are related to mobile websites will use the GeoEdge JS Wrapper when serving ads.

Can I use the GeoEdge JS Wrapper in more than one site?

Yes. The wrapper is applied to ad units according to the publisher’s selection in DFP, and can be used in multiple sites, subject to commercial agreement. Free accounts are limited to a single site (and to 20MM impressions).

As a publisher I need to be compliant with GDPR. Is the GeoEdge JS Wrapper sharing any user’s PII?

GeoEdge is not handling any PII of the end user. Anonymized Information may be collected only about the content of the ad code itself, the site in which it is being served, the device type and the country in which it is running, for improving the quality of detection. The information that is shared with the publisher is statistical only at the creative and advertiser levels.

Your service sounds great. What do I need to do in order to start using it?

Setting up GeoEdge’s Real Time Blocking solution is easy and takes only a few minutes to complete. In order to get started, simply contact us and we will get back to you shortly with all of the information you need.

Still have questions about how we can help your business?