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What you get with GeoEdge:

A user-friendly toolset that lets you view, monitor
and validate geo-targeted content and ads quickly
and easily!

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So much more than just a proxy!
Unmasked Servers
GeoEdge premium proxy and VPN servers are used by professionals, providing fast, unmasked, secure access to web content.
Unmatched Reliability
GeoEdge redundancy mechanism ensures 99.9% network uptime. Simply put, we will be there when you need us.
True Geolocated IPs
GeoEdge proprietary proxy and VPN servers are physically located in over 160 geolocations. Each IP address location is validated via industry leading geolocation databases.
Quick and Easy Setup
GeoEdgePro toolset offers an immediate premium proxy solution for any device or need. By simply choosing the relevant tool, you can easily access content from any geolocation.
Committed to Privacy
With advanced encryption technology and protected servers, user data and actions will never be exposed or shared. Guaranteed.