GeoEdge prevents malvertising activity for all publishers and platforms

Malvertising Protection

Adept and experienced in malware scanning and insertion techniques, GeoEdge continuously scans your rotating ad tags, detecting and preventing any malicious activity. Guard your online, mobile and video ad campaigns from any kind of malicious activity, from auto-redirects, phishing and drive-by-downloads, to malware inserted in the pre-click or post-click. With the GeoEdge anti-malvertising solution, you can keep your users protected and your business running smoothly.

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GeoEdge checks all programmatic ads for ad quality and compliance

Ad Quality Monitoring

Protect your users, sites and apps from all types of ad quality issues, from problems with creative & advertiser quality and operational issues to data leakage & privacy protection. GeoEdge safeguards publishers and platforms from all the bad ads that slip through third-party ad serving. With the GeoEdge ad quality monitoring and management solution, you can ensure a clean, safe and engaging user experience.

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Secured mobile icon representing GeoEdge's ability to safeguard mobile ad quality and prevent mobile malware issues

Mobile Ad Governance

Get the advanced mobile ad protection & security that your mobile ads need. Leveraging GeoEdge’s premium proxy network, in over 60 countries worldwide, we have the capabilities to protect users from bad ads — mobile auto-redirects, MRAID malware, VPAID errors, phishing, pop-ups, auto-downloads, etc. We make sure that third-party ad serving does not ruin or disrupt the user experience on your site or app.

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Video ad verification icon representing GeoEdge's capability to prevent malware in video ads, video ad latency and more.

Video Ad Verification

GeoEdge takes the video ad verification process to another level by scanning VAST and VPAID videos ads, and the super VAST tree, for any type of malicious activity or ad quality issue. Whether in VAST, VPAID or any of its companion HTML5 ads, GeoEdge prevents malware, unwanted autoplay sound, video ad latency, missing media files, auto-scroll, etc. With so many ads served through programmatic channels, GeoEdge ensures that your video ads are clean and user-safe. With GeoEdge, you receive comprehensive and automated quality assurance, revenue protection and a superior user experience.

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