Get the local perspective, anywhere!

GeoEdgePRO gives you a variety of simple tools to easily access our premium proxy network.

GeoEdgePro Toolbar

One click and you’re global

Our most popular proxy tool, the GeoEdgePro Toolbar, is the simplest and fastest way to view geo-targeted content in any geolocation around the world.

Simply select a location from the drop-down menu and see any website as it is seen locally, in more than 160 geo-locations and as served within 70+ mobile carriers, in real-time.

  • Available for Firefox and Chrome

  • Mobile emulation

    View content and ads as they are viewed by mobile users

  • Advanced features include:


    See and compare the same page or ad tag from several geolocations or devices.

    Excluding sites

    Define websites to be bypassed by proxy and keep working with your regular sites without interruptions (e.g. LinkedIn, Salesforce, web-based email services, Facebook etc.).

    Control campaign targeting variables

    Control user and browser variables that impact geo-targeted campaigns, including: cookies, user agents, cache and language.

Supported platforms:
Use GeoEdge Proxy on Chrome Use GeoEdge Proxy on Firefox

GeoEdgePro Mobile App (M-Pro)

Get the local perspective, even from your Smartphone!

GeoEdgePro Mobile App (M-Pro) for Android and iOS enables you to utilize the GeoEdge proxy network to monitor geo-targeted mobile activities.

View any geo-targeted ads and content inside mobile apps and web-pages in any global location directly from your Smartphone. Easily navigate through all of our locations, select your preferred location and all browsing and app data will be routed through our proxy network quickly and securely.

  • Available for Android and iOS Smartphone and tablets

  • Simple onetime installation

    No need to waste time on manual proxy settings, one simple installation and you're running

  • View and monitor ads inside any app quickly and easily

  • Check mobile carrier-based advertising campaigns

GeoEdge Proxy Mobile App enables users to monitor geo-targeted mobile activities
Supported platforms:
GeoEdge Proxy is suitable for Android

GeoEdgePro VPN Client

Route your entire computer’s traffic via any global location!

Use GeoEdgePro VPN switching to run proprietary scripts, verify geo-specific installations and view local content and ads inside any application in various geolocations.

Our secure VPN client seamlessly directs your entire computer traffic to any of our premium servers, allowing you to accurately view and monitor any application based content and ads as displayed in the selected location.

  • Test ads inside any applications

  • Verify installation flow in various geolocations

  • View geo-targeted content using various browsers and applications simultaneously

  • Secure VPN switching at the click of a button

Example of how GeoEdge Proxy has switched the browser to Ecuador
Supported platforms:
Use GeoEdge Proxy with Windows For those with a Mac, GeoEdge proxy has the solution for you! Use GeoEdge Proxy with Linux

GeoEdgePro RapidVPN Client

VPN capabilities without compromising on speed and flexibility

GeoEdgePro RapidVPN enables you to view any geo-targeted content and ads, inside any application, in any geolocation; while enjoying a faster connection time and greater flexibility, compared to traditional VPN services.

This advanced windows client provides you with the unique opportunity to selectively choose which application/s should be routed through our global premium VPN network.

  • Faster connection time than traditional VPN services

  • Extreme flexibility

  • Use VPN selectively while working as usual

  • Verify geo-specific installations and view geo-targeted content and ads inside any application

Example of how GeoEdge Proxy has switched the browser to Brazil
Supported platforms:
Use GeoEdge Proxy on Chrome Use GeoEdge Proxy on Firefox

GeoEdgePro WebProxy

Surf from any location without installing a thing!

View geo-targeted content and ads in any geolocation around the world, without any download or installation.

Simply logon from any browser, enter the URL you'd like to view and select the location from the drop-down list. Our WebProxy will display the website as it is seen locally, in the selected location.

  • Fully web-based service, no installation required

  • A simple, quick and hassle-free way to validate geo-targeted content and ads

  • Access the world's largest proxy network from any computer

With GeoEdge Proxy, you can view geo-targeted content and ads in any geolocation without any download or installation.
Supported platforms:
Use GeoEdge Proxy on Chrome Use GeoEdge Proxy on Firefox

GeoEdge Telerik Fiddler add-on

Debug traffic from any geo-location!

GeoEdge’s Fiddler add-on gives you access to our global premium proxy network directly from ‎Fiddler. Fiddler is probably the most renowned web debugging tool in the world. It helps to ‎debug web applications by capturing network traffic between your computer and the ‎Internet. With the GeoEdge add-on, you can quickly and easily troubleshoot, trace and debug ‎geo-targeted content and ads from over 130 global location using Fiddler's debugging ‎capabilities:‎

  • Monitor HTTP/HTTPs traffic from any geo-location and/or device

  • Inspect and debug specific geo-targeted traffic ‎

  • Test the performance of your web sites and apps from any global location

  • Manipulate any HTTP(s) request or response in any geo-location

  • Get an idea of your app’s overall performance metrics around the globe

Fiddler illustration showing how GeoEdge technology can be used
Supported platforms:
Use GeoEdge Proxy with Windows

GeoProxy API

Route your application to the GeoEdge Proxy Network

GeoEdge Direct API allows you to connect your application directly, securely and easily to our premium proxy and mobile carrier network. Utilize our global reach to enhance your services as well as QA geo-specific features in your application or sites, including multiple languages and geo-targeted ads.

  • Supports HTTP, HTTPs, VPN and other standard protocols

  • Enforce application-based location-specific compliance issues

  • GeoProxy high-performance servers are secure, reliable and have true geolocated IPs

  • High throughput

  • Simple and flexible API

GeoEdge Proxy API allows users to connect applications directly to premium proxy and mobile carrier network
Proprietary servers and customized packages are available
Over 160 geo-locations and more than 70 mobile carriers!
  • High-performance servers - Fast, unmasked and secure access to web content
  • True geolocated IPs - Servers physically located all over the world
  • Committed to your privacy - advanced encryption technology and protected servers
  • Unmatched reliability - 99.9% network uptime