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Advanced Mobile Ad
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Prevent Mobile

Ensure an Engaging
User Experience

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Mobile Web and
In-App Verification

In today’s mobile ecosystem, user experience and ads go hand in hand. Delivering apps that exceed users’ ‎expectations is simple and straightforward with the help of GeoEdge. Our rock-solid malware detection and real-time blocking ensures that your mobile site/app remains free of any redirects, quality issues and malware.

GeoEdge provides full-scale protection against malvertising , malicious code, mobile redirects, and auto downloads. Our mobile ad protection solution guards all ads, including MRAIDs and defends against threats generated by third parties, SDKs and Java Script tags. Ensure you’re your ad inventory remain clean, safe and engaging 24/7, 365 days a year with our mobile ad verification.

High Ad Quality

There are many kinds of operationally low-quality ads that can negatively impact your site. Among the most frustrating are latent ads, which slow down your site, seriously affecting the user’s experience. With GeoEdge you can detect and block slow ads, among many other operational ad quality issues. All offensive, auto-redirects, low quality and malicious ads are blocked in real time so the user experience remains unharmed.

Ensure an Engaging
User Experience

Optimize Operational
Device Performance

By streamlining and automating real-time protection, GeoEdge makes the entire ad verification process faster and more comprehensive. GeoEdge’s ad quality monitoring platform instantly identifies operational issues, such as MRAID latent ads, broken click tags, and ad specs that distort ads inside your apps. Our detection and real-time blocking ensures that ads inside your app run smoothly, maintain optimal performance and are bug-free so your users remain engaged.

Detect and Block Before Damage Can Occur

Detect, analyze and block problematic ads in real time, before any damage occurs. Our mobile ad protection solution guards against issues that disrupt the user experience and blocks all threats, including those from third parties and JavaScript tags.

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