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Real Time

Real Time Protection
for Your Users

By fortifying your ad security defenses with GeoEdge, you’re prepared and protected. Our advanced user protection service combines GeoEdge's established industry-leading detection with real-time blocking.

Malicious and low quality ads are blocked in real-time on the pre-impression level, long before any damage can occur. Now you can focus on your core business, knowing the security and quality of your ads are in good hands. A simple one-time setup verifies every single impression served for a single ad unit. Only impressions with bad ads, like auto-redirects, malware, phishing, cryptocurrency are blocked, keeping your precious revenue stream flowing.

Threat Protection

Guard your online, mobile, native and video ad campaigns from malicious activity, from auto redirects, crypto-mining, phishing and drive-by-downloads to malware inserted in the pre-click or post-click.

Block First, Then Understand

Don’t just learn of an incident breach and scramble to react; block malicious ads and then get full insight into the situation. As soon as we detect and block a malicious advertisement, a new clean ad is deployed in its place so no revenue is lost. Once the malicious ad is blocked, you’ll get a report detailing what occurred so your Ad Ops teams can make informed decisions for the future.

Unlike any other vendor, we empower you to make the right business decision to resolve the malvertising incident. At GeoEdge, we stand by your side as your extended security team.

Protect Your Users from Malvertising

Forensic Analysis of
Your Ad Inventory

Now, you can get the complete scope of your ad inventory. Our ad protection parses and unpacks all the elements of the ad so that you can view the whole story behind the ad. View the delivery path, pre-and-post click information, and see the ads and landing pages the exact same way your users seem them. You can even see all the pixels in the super-VAST tree of the ad call so that you are informed of all possible ad malware security threats.

Measure Supply Quality

Gain full insight into each demand partner and the quality of ads they supply. Armed with this knowledge, your Ad Ops teams can now optimize for revenue instead of worrying about the risks to your users and your brand.

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