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By fortifying your ad security defenses with GeoEdge, you’re prepared and protected. We provide targeted, customized security checks with a high accuracy of detection for malicious advertising. That means you don’t have to waste time with false positives.

You don’t have to worry about third-party ad serving bringing you malvertisements. In the case of a threat, you are immediately notified so you can act before any real damage occurs. Keep your users protected and business running smoothly.

Threat Protection

Guard your online, mobile and video ad campaigns from malicious activity, from auto redirects, phishing and drive-by-downloads to malware inserted in the pre-click or post-click.

Adept and experienced in ad malware scanning and advertising technology, GeoEdge is able to scan ads and parse all current and emerging technologies in the industry, including VAST, VPAID, MRAID and rich media. You don’t have to worry, because we have it covered.

Actionable, Real-Time Response

Don’t just learn of an incident breach and scramble to react; understand the situation fully. After our ad scanner identifies a malicious advertisement, the Incident Recommendation Engine provides a real-time, actionable alert with a specific recommendation so you will know how best to handle any malicious advertising breach.

Unlike any other vendor, we empower you to make the right business decision to resolve the malvertising incident. At GeoEdge, we stand by as your extended security team.

Protect Your Users from Malvertising

Forensic Analysis of
Your Ad Inventory

Now, you can get the complete scope of your ad inventory. Our ad scanner parses and unpacks all the elements of the ad so that you can view the whole story behind the ad. View the delivery path, pre-and-post click information, and see the ads and landing pages the exact same way your users seem them. You can even see all the pixels in the super-VAST tree of the ad call so that you are informed of all possible ad malware security threats.

Compliance with All Demand Partners

Easily share and export the relevant information with your team or demand partner for optimal business decision making results. Now, you can dramatically improve your business relationships with clear, non-refutable reports about any malvertisement or malware ad campaign. No more ambiguity — the third-party ad serving source of the ad virus is clearly delineated in the GeoEdge reporting system.

Flexible Integration

From the manual uploading of ad tags to web interface, custom-made API, and full-blown integration into your ad server, GeoEdge’s verification platform can be easily integrated into your team’s ongoing workflow. It’s a short and easy process to set up the ad scanner that provides the ad protection you need to be safe from malicious activity from third-party ad serving.

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