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Don’t Let Third-Parties Compromise Your User Experience!

It only takes one malicious code, one offensive creative, or one high latency ad to negatively impact your site and ‎brand. ‎Without real-time quality control and automated security solutions, direct and remnant campaigns place your website at risk every second of every day.

Full Scale Malware Protection
Ensure High Ad Quality
Enhance Ad Ops Performance


Preserve a clean, safe and engaging user experience, while diminishing the risk of working with third-party demand partners.

Ad Platforms

Guarantee a smooth and compliant ad delivery and guard against malware, inappropriate content, data leakage, operational, and performance issues before they impact publishers.

Safe & Secure User Experience

GeoEdge’s holistic security solution protects your brand and your users from much more than malware. With advanced safeguards in place, you can finally eliminate dynamic security threats from third-party demand partners. GeoEdge keeps your users protected and prevents malicious activities from jeopardizing your immediate ad revenues.

Malware Detection Malicious Code Activities Auto Downloads, Redirects Hijacks

Round-the-Clock Creative Quality Protection

Inappropriate advertising can negatively impact the quality of your website and adversely affect your brand’s reputation. GeoEdge’s creative QA ensures that all ad creatives are well within your policies, so you can guarantee high quality on the banner creative and on the landing page.

Offensive Content & Landing Pages Deceptive & Generic Ads 25+ Customizable Verticals

Streamline & Automate Ad Ops Processes

Your site is only as fast as your slowest third-party. By streamlining and automating real-time protection, GeoEdge makes the entire ad verification process faster and more comprehensive. GeoEdge has more than 30 different operational tests that can be used to ensure that your site maintains optimal performance and all ad creatives continue to work properly.

Verify IAB/Operational Ad Specs Identify Latency Issues Identify Broken Links

Your Data Is Valuable; GeoEdge Keeps It Safe

Any time that a cookie or pixel is dropped by a third-party vendor, instant notifications and alerts allow you to guard your users’ privacy by stopping data leakage before it happens.

Full-Fledged, Flexible Integration

From the manual uploading of Ad Tags to web interface, custom-made API, and full-blown integration into your ad server, GeoEdge’s verification platform can be easily integrated into your ongoing validation workflow.

Unparalleled Technical Features

GeoEdge effectively guards your mobile and online campaigns, and is capable of working across a wide variety of platforms and formats, including Video, Flash, and Rich Media.

Take control of your 3rd party channels and RTB risks!

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Automate Your Ad Ops Processes
& Safeguard Good User Experience

Pre-Launch Verification

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