FAQ - Premium Proxy

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Why GeoEdge?

What sets GeoEdge apart? What can I expect to gain and accomplish that I can’t achieve using other solutions?‎

Smart and simple, GeoEdge visibility tools are designed to get you up-to-speed and monitor your global internet activities. GeoEdge lets you easily view, monitor and validate your global online and mobile media activities.  We provide you with a complete set of proxy/vpn tools to view geo-targeted content and ads, validate global campaigns, QA your site and to monitor your competitors. Just select the location and GeoEdge takes you where you need to be!

What makes you so different from the multitudes of other proxy providers?‎

There are many proxy services out there that are all very similar. Not GeoEdge. GeoEdge differentiates itself by being all about speed, reliability and accuracy – without even mention the number of locations! With premium proprietary servers in more than 130 global locations, including over 40 US DMAs and European cities, GeoEdge is the world’s largest premium proxy network. Thanks to our complex redundancy mechanisms that ensure 99.9% network uptime and to our advanced encryption technology that protects your data and actions, our protected proxy servers are used exclusively by professionals to provide fast and reliable access to Web and Mobile content.

Which locations do you have?‎

We have premium proxy servers in more than 130 global locations and are constantly adding more! To see the latest location list, please click here

How secure and private is GeoEdge? ‎

We are committed to your Privacy! With our advanced encryption technology and proprietary servers, your data and actions will never be exposed or shared. We guarantee that! To safeguard the privacy, we even sign a legally binding agreement with our customers.

What is the right solution for me?

What is GeoEdge PRO?‎

GeoEdge PRO is a dynamic toolset that let you view geo-targeted local content, as if you were actually in that location. In addition, it emulates mobile content and ads from a long list of mobile devices so you easily can view content and ads targeted at mobile users. The GeoEdge PRO toolset includes browser extension (toolbar) for Chrome and Firefox, Android app, Iphone proxy solution, web proxy, RapidVPN, traditional VPN Client and as API.

Which browsers will give me the best experience?‎

If you want to have “one click access” to any of our premium proxies directly from your browser, we recommend you to use the GeEedge PRO extension for either Firefox or Chrome. If you prefer using IE, Opera or any other browser our RapidVPN will give you the best experience. 

Do you have VPN service or only proxy?‎

Both, and in addition we also have an advanced RapidVPN service. 

What is the difference between your traditional VPN client and your RapidVPN?‎

They will both allow you to test ads inside applications.  However, whereas our VPN client will changes the IP for your entire computer, our advanced RapidVPN will allow you to selectively choose which applications that should be routed through our global proxy network. We recommend that you always use the RapidVPN as this solution gives you a much faster connection time and greater flexibility compared to traditional VPN clients.

Can I use your proxy to watch local TV?‎

Yes. While our service primarily are used by online professionals to monitor their global online and mobile activities,  our proxy service can also be used to access video sites that prevent their content from being viewed, streamed, or downloaded unless you are in that specific location.

I need mobile VPN Proxy...

I have an IPhone; how can I take advantage of your service? ‎

Our new mobile proxy solution for iPhones and iPads enables you to utilize our premium proxy network to monitor your geo-targeted mobile activities. Easily navigate through all of our locations, select your preferred location and all you browsing and app data will be routed through our network quickly and securely.

Can I use GeoEdge PRO on my Android? ‎

Yes, our GeoEdge M-PRO is a specially designed app that will provide you easy and fast navigation through all our 130+ locations directly from the status bar on your Android device. 

A few questions before I start...

Can I see how a website looks from multiple geo locations without having to switch proxy location?‎
Yes. With our Snap-It feature you get a consolidated view of pages and ads from several geo locations, with one simple click. You just need to select your favorite locations and you’re good to go.
Tell me more about your mobile emulator. What exactly does it do and when shall I use it?‎
Our mobile emulator gives you the option to view content and ads that are specially targeted at mobile devices. This is a great tool to see, validate and monitor mobile campaigns that target tablet or mobile users.
Can I test GeoEdge PRO before taking out subscription?‎

Yes! We offer you a free 5-day trial period to try out our entire proxy toolset. You only need to sign up and you’re all set.

What do you mean by 'locations', under Plans & Pricing?

Our pricing model is based on users/seats and locations. When you set up your package, you will be able to choose the number of locations that you would like to have access to. A location can be on either country-level (e.g. USA, China, Iraq, etc.) or on city/DMA-level (Chicago, IL; London, UK; Hamburg, Germany etc). After selecting the numbers of locations, you will be asked to select the actual locations (country/cities/DMAs) that you want access to. Your toolbar will then include all of your selected locations.



I have some technical questions...

I just signed up for a trial, how do I get the Geoedge proxy toolbar?‎
Simply confirm the registration email and log in to your account. Here you get the option to download the latest version of our toolbars and other proxy/VPN solutions. Before using the toolbar for the first time, you will need to insert your login details (username and password).
Can I use GeoEdge on all browsers?

We have toolbar solutions for FireFox and Chrome. Safari, Opera, Internet explorer and all other browsers can be used with our VPN Clients or with our RapidVPN.

How does GeoEdge work on sites that request me to "share your location”?

The "share your location" feature is used on some websites and sometimes requested by Google pages/apps. This location feature is based on WiFi network location as well as your device's internal IP and GPS. In order to work around this feature you will need to use our VPN client.

How do I verify that I am browsing through your proxy network? ‎
Very easily! You just click on our logo in the toolbar and choose “Test connection”. Alternatively you can visit one of many sites that post your IP address, such as whatismyip.com.
I am a Mac user; will your tools work with my computer? ‎

Yes, all our toolbars and VPN client are fully compatible with both PC and Mac.

I’m using Windows 10, would that cause any problems?‎

Not at all! Our tools are fully compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (however, the RapidVPN is less recommended on Windows 10).

I'm using Linux. Can I still use your service?
Yes! Both our Firefox and Chrome extensions works perfectly on Linux. If you  need VPN on Linux we can also help you, just contact our support team.
Can you be used together with Fiddler?

Yes! We have a special add-on for Fiddler, that provides access to Geoedge's global proxy network directly from Fiddler.

Can I use you together with Charles?

Yes! We are fully compatible with Charles' web debugging tools. Download configuration instructions here or contact our friendly support team if you need further instructions.

Would it be possible to use your tools on a virtual machine (VM)?‎

Absolutely! All our clients (browser plug-ins & VPNs) work on a virtual machine. Just remember to insert your user credentials in the “login details” tab under the tool’s “Preferences”.

Can you provide me with private or dedicated IPs? ‎

Yes! If you would like to have a unique IP address exclusively assigned to you, please contact us as we can provide you with IPs that are not shared between our other users.

I don't want to download anything, can I still use your proxy service?

Yes! You can either take advantage of our web-proxy or manually configure your PC's proxy settings with our IP address. To get our IP address, please contact our support team.

How do I recover or change my password?

Simple! Just click here and enter your email address.

After your password has been reset, be sure to update your new password on the GeoEdge tools you're using.

How do I uninstall the toolbar?‎

Are you sure??? However,  in case you are it is very easy. For Firefox simply click "Add-ons" inside the "Tools" menu, select "Extensions" and then click "Remove" GeoEdge. With Chrome, go to "Settings," "Extensions" and then click on the garbage bin icon to the far right of the GeoEdge entry.