• 360-Degree Visibility

    Gain full transparency of video ads displayed on your site and inside your apps.

  • Enforce Ad Compliance

    Real-time quality control guarantees your video ads operate properly without violations.

  • 24/7 User Protection

    Constant protection keeps your brand, user experience and advertising revenue safe.

  • Put An End To Auto-sound

    When sound starts playing without any interaction, it’s terrible for the user and for your brand. GeoEdge has the capability to automatically identify video ads playing with auto-sound and instantly provide you with the information you need to prevent a future reoccurrence.

  • Protect Your Revenue

    Boost your bottom line with GeoEdge. Video verification is beneficial for operational processes and ‎campaign monetization. ‎There is no more missed revenue; GeoEdge prevents advertisers from transforming display ads into premium ads.

  • Receive Full-Scale Malware Protection

    GeoEdge takes the verification process a step further by scanning videos ads for malware and other malicious codes. This ensures users remain safe and protected when interacting with your digital property.

  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance

    GeoEdge maintains optimal operational performance and fully supports the IAB. GeoEdge relentlessly ensures your entire video ad inventory complies with the IAB VAST ‎ad guidelines, specifications and best practices.

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