Pre-Launch Ad Verification

Automate Your Ad Ops Processes & Safeguard Good User Experience!

GeoEdge eliminates tedious manual ad ops processes by streamlining and automating pre-launch ad verification across your ad inventory.

Ad Operations Automation

GeoEdge quickly conducts thorough checks of all ad creatives, making pre-launch ad operations processes not only faster, but more comprehensive.

High-Quality User Experience

GeoEdge guarantees a clean, safe, and engaging user experience by performing security, creative, and operational checks on your premium campaigns.

Complete API Integration

Integration is implemented inside of the delivery chain and can easily work with your pre-existing flow.

Quick & Efficient Creative QA

GeoEdge prevents creative glitches by verifying all first-party tags before they go live. This allows campaigns to launch on time, every time. Automated QA decreases creative testing costs and eliminates the repetitive manual processes that frustrate ad ops teams. GeoEdge’s automated creative checks are not only faster, but also able to more extensive operational, quality, and security tests than even the very best manual ad ops team.

Customized Operational Verifications

With more than 30 different operational tests, GeoEdge is able to confirm that all ads are performing properly prior to going live. GeoEdge ensures no more delays, mistakes, or operational problems such as latency issues, broken links, or prohibited creative dimensions that fail to adhere to IAB specifications.

Robust User Security

GeoEdge protects your users and ensures that all creatives and landing pages are clean, safe, and compliant with advertising guidelines. It guards against much more than just malware, including malicious code or activities, redirects, and auto downloads. Any time that a security threat is detected, you receive a notification that allows your ad ops team to react before the campaign goes live.‎

Protect Your Data & Guard User Privacy

GeoEdge prevents data leakage and guards user privacy by mapping all third-party tracking activities, such as cookies and tracking pixels.

Seamless Integration

From manual uploading of ad tags to web interface, custom-made API, and full-blown integration into your ad server, GeoEdge’s verification platform can be easily integrated into your ongoing validation workflow.

We’re In Business to Help Your Business Succeed

GeoEdge is comprised of an incredibly talented group of leading ad verification experts. Whether you have a pre-existing flow or you would like to explore alternative options to streamline and cut costs, GeoEdge specialists will help you every step of the way. The technical possibilities are limitless; from video to flash, GeoEdge works across numerous formats and platforms.

Continuous Protection

Every second of every day your live campaigns are at risk. In the event that verified and approved campaigns are altered post-launch, GeoEdge is able to detect it. Find out how GeoEdge’s live ad verification solution can provide the round-the-clock security you need to effectively guard your entire live ad inventory.

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